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Peace and I need to Clean My Fridge Danny the Puppet’s Video Blog 3/19/13

on March 19, 2013

4 responses to “Peace and I need to Clean My Fridge Danny the Puppet’s Video Blog 3/19/13

  1. Becky says:

    A lot of people have diffuiculty with change, but change is always happening. God is the one very consistanst thing people can have in their lives. He never changes or grows old. That’s why God’s word stands the test of time. Emotional and physical stress are a part of daily life and God’s word is the best resource on how to deal with those stresses instead of ignoring them. Be still isn’t about stopping everything you are doing, it’s about reflecting on what you are doing. Is it good? Some Christians feel that “be still” is that God will take care of all their problems instead of looking to God for His help. God doesn’t have problems and knows exactly what He’s doing. A lot of emotional and physical stress are caused by people all by themselves by not listening to God’s word. For example: working out every day….a lot of physical stress people put on their own bodies. Working out more doesn’t get rid of the physical stress. It can cause emotional stress by feeling guilty for not working out. People feel guilty or bad for a lot of things they shouldn’t, because the world tells them they should feel bad all the time. We are all forgiven so why should anyone feel bad about what someone else did wrong? Be still and reflect on what is good in God’s eyes. Is it something urgent to God or feels urgent to people? Something someone wants but doesn’t need…isn’t urgent. When it involves life or death…yup that’s urgent. Getting whatever someone else wants for them…nope not urgent. That urgency alone causes daily stress, but it’s that exaggeration that something is urgent (when it isn’t) can motivate someone who is unwilling to do something…to do it. When that urgent motivation gets abused, then when something actually is urgent it can get ignored, and ignored for a long time. Reflecting isn’t bad, it isn’t always looking in the past…it’s focusing on current situations and if they are God pleasing or not. There won’t be world peace until the world ends, inner peace is only possible with God (not yoga every morning, a special diet, extreme workouts, fancy houses or cars, or whatever costly trend comes along).

  2. Becky says:

    STOP REFLECT & IS THIS GOOD also works wonders while going through a messy fridge. 😉

    • Becky says:

      As Christans we should resolve conflict in our lives and others because through Christ we are resolved by God. I think a lot about resolving conflict- and when a 10 commandment is broken, there is conflict to be resolved. Inner peace has more to do with keeping God first than people usually realize, to stay motivated by love and perservere.

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